Network-guided GWAS Analysis

NetWAS integrates tissue-specific networks and nominally significant p-values in genome-wide association studies to identify biogloically important disease-gene associations. The method has potential to discover novel candidate genes, and does not depend on known disease-associations, thus retaining the unbiased nature of GWAS.

NetWAS RESTful Service

Instructions for programmatic access to GIANT/NetWAS can be found at

Please enter the information below to run a new NetWAS Analysis.

GWAS file you want to upload.
Example VEGAS file (BMI, Randall 2013) Please include HEADER line.

Human tissue network which will be used in the SVM analysis

Email address you want the results sent to.

Type of GWAS file you are uploading

Number of the column that containins gene identifiers. Only used if 'Custom' GWAS file type is selected.

Number of the column that contains P values. Only used if 'Custom' GWAS file type is selected.

Positive P-value threshold you want for your analysis. If left blank, this will default to p=0.01