Update (Aug 2017)

Please visit HumanBase for updated predictions of tissue-specific networks, gene expression, function and disease. All data updates, new features, and technical support will be made available exclusively at HumanBase.


Genome-scale Integrated Analysis of gene Networks in Tissues

Tissue-specific Interactions

GIANT leverages a tissue-specific gold standard to automatically up-weight datasets relevant to a tissue from a large data compendium of diverse tissues and cell-types. The resulting functional networks accurately capture tissue-specific functional interactions.

Multi-tissue Analysis

Beyond questions pertaining to the role of single genes in single tissues, GIANT also enables examination of changes in gene function across tissues on a broad scale. Users can compare a gene's functional interaction in different tissues by selecting the relevant tissues in the dropdown menu.

NetWAS Analysis

GIANT can effectively reprioritize functional associations from a genome-wide association study (GWAS) and potentially identify additional disease-associated genes. The approach, named NetWAS, can be applied to any GWAS study, and does not require that the phenotype or disease have any known associated genes.


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